Overnight trips to Nature

Paddington Farm

Two very different times to go to our beloved farm

• November 2018 & April 2019•

There is something magical about returning to the same place at different times of year. Through different stages of their lives, our children experienced how the seasons turn and our lovely group changes, but we can always appreciate a common thread: how nature continuously provides for us throughout the year, giving us all we need for our wellbeing.

During our November stay we had the opportunity to harvest apples, using traditional techniques we followed the whole process from the fruit on the tree to delicious organic juice in our cups.


Throughout the week, we foraged rose hips and families used harvested willow stems to make amazing figures. A fitting way to say good bye to the fantastic willow maze that hosted so many adventures for our children.

We also celebrated a birthday where our handmade willow crowns and decorations were displayed and we enjoyed a delicious farm-home-made vegan cake.

When we returned in April, while the fruit trees were bare, farm life was still in full swing, it was lamb season! Once more we had the privilege to witness births during our stay, and our children, now more familiar with the care of newborns, made it their duty to look after all the little lambs (and other animals too) on a daily basis.


This time our foraged speciality were nettles in their prime time of the year. Picked by the group and prepared using different recipes, we got to expand our culinary skills while enjoying what nature provides for us.

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to stretch our stay over the weekend; time enough for the children to organise and rehearse a show that included dance and gymnastics. Parents were invited to the evenings performance, all finishing in a families’ dance party.

Over the weekend our group was also able to participate in a local community event where different organisations opened their yards and spaces. We drummed, played, ate, listened to music, participated in workshops, shopped sustainably and met amazing new people from the Glastonbury community.


Bridies Yard Community Shop open day, with a brass band live.

In both, November & April, as it’s our tradition, we hiked in and out the farm regularly: to the woods, to the Tor and wherever the path took us. This, over the years, has strengthen our will and confidence, as individuals, families and as a group, a transferable skill to our everyday lives.


Matilda was the first ever Natural Childhood child to venture the shortcut over the cliff from the rooted tree to the path. Yay! Congratulations!


Outdoor classroom fun

With excitement we now look forward to our next visit in June.

With the change in seasons there will be new opportunities to participate in farm life. The lambs will have grown (as have our children) and nature will once again provide us with fresh opportunities to forage and stock our kitchen for the week. As we widow new family’s to the group, new friendships and memories will be made.

Natural Childhood abroad again:

Ristonchi Castle, Tuscany, Italy.

• October 2018 •

15 families made their way to the little town of Pelago, in the hills near Florence, where Ristonchi Castle stands (also known as The creator’s Castle -a community based initiative by castle owners, Stefanie and Rasmus, aimed to bring together creative families from around the world to build an educational/living/visiting sustainable space in nature; click here for more info)

The time wasn’t without challenges, yet, the Natural Childhood families, who now have had multiple experiences working together, pulled the best of themselves and brought the best of vibes, helping and uplifting each other and making the best of the opportunity. We explored alternative natural solutions to everyday tasks such as cooking, washing, natural remedies, foraging, etc, all skills so valuable for children and adults that we might not get exposed to in our city lives.

Ristonchi, we can’t wait for next year!!!

The Natural Childhood families send healing thoughts to Stefanie, please use this link to support: www.gofundme.com/stef-grassley-burned-in-explosion


Paddington Farm • July 2018 • Summer in Farm!!!


This was over first time for the Natural Childhood in the farm in summer -and what a lovely hot weather we had!, so, apart from a full farmhouse we also had families that camped in tents, camper vans and yurts!!!!

Thank you Icha for the amazing pictures and the video series (coming soon), recording precious moments and adventures all ages shared and enjoyed.

Paddington Farm • March 2018 •

A full house! 

13 families filled rooms, dorms and houses of this beautiful place with laughs, stories, discussions, adventures, work, creativity and more sharing among children and adults alike.

We foraged and cooked endless nutritious vegan meals, help feeding and caring for the animals, coordinated fantastically with house chores, celebrated birthdays (thank you mama Gozel!), played all over the place, hunted Mr Fox (thank you Michael and Louie for the adventure), treaded deep mud and even saw the birth of a lamb!!! 

See you again, hopefully soon, Paddington Farm! 


Paddington Farm 2017!!


Once more the Natural Childhood has headed for Somerset nature. www.paddingtonfarm.co.uk

Always an uplifting shared time; each family, mostly new ones to this experience, enjoyed together, cooked together, planned, looked after each other, played and worked harmoniously for a week in this magical place.

In this opportunity parents spontaneously focused on healthy traditional cooking using produce from the farm and foraged herbs. Look forth to our Natural Childhood Vegan Recipe Book coming soon!

Children helped with animal feeding and spent some time everyday in the stable grooming and learning about horses and ponies. They also were given the task of collecting apples from the orchard and helped in the garden.

See you soon Paddington Farm!!

~ Above pictures were captured and kindly provided by Christopher ICha; visit the following links for more of his amazing shots:


~ Or read about his experience during each day of the trip in his blog:







Natural Childhood families stayed in Hunza Eco-Lodge in Southern Hungary for two weeks, exploring the area, taking walks in the forest and fields, foraging, enjoying powerful fireside parents reasoning and full moon rambles. We cooked together and looked after each other’s children, letting them play freely in a vast and positive environment, set by the amazing host with permaculture principles and earth care. IMG_3084




6 families had the privilege to spend a weekend in this jewel of the heart of Kent. 

We camped under a dense and lush canopy that sheltered us from the constant light rain that we had, creating a world within a green world, a mystical place to share.

We were welcomed by Sue and Martin who opened the vibes and their heart and knowledge to us.

They taught us ancient handicrafts and to contemplate nature.

Thank you and Jessica for organising and sharing this with the Natural Childhood families!



The Natural Childhood has organised in two occasions an overnight trip to Paddington Farm in Glastonbury, Somerset.

Paddington Farm is a trust with educational purposes, with multiple opportunities to enjoy the outdoors for all ages, from feeding the animals, workshops in traditional arts and crafts to Forest School activities in their wonderful woods.

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