Our Approach


AIM:  Harness the child’s natural curiosity & preserve their innate enthusiasm for                        learning


  • Limit exposure to technology
  • plenty of outdoor learning
  • naturalistic play and learning props (e.g. block play)
  • no formal assessment
  • no formal homework
  • emphasis on practical learning through “doing”


AIM:  Foster self esteem, empathy and cooperation


  • Individual and group tasks and responsibilities
  • small group size
  • mixed ages and abilities
  • peer to peer learning (children tend to gain more from explanations from another child who shares the same language level and is an easily accessible figure, rather than from an adult)
  • den making


AIM:Encourage self motivation and self discipline


  • child-led, unstructured play encourages children to occupy themselves, taking responsibility for own time without being constantly spoon-fed in ever-changing activities.


AIM:  Encourage creativity and imagination that contribute to language acquisition


  • Arts, crafts, music and song, reading and storytelling
  • child-led play


AIM: Instill life skills and healthy habits


  • Forest School for outdoor skills
  • gardening
  • Alexander technique
  • cooking
  • sports and fitness
  • shared responsibilities for some chores
  • sharing meals together.
  • yoga





One thought on “Our Approach

  1. I absolutely love Natural Childhood. I started coming when my lo was 2. It felt like coming home each week. I loved how welcome we were made to feel. And how my little one enjoyed taking part in so many activities including peeling using proper peelers. Children are far too protected in today’s society and it was wonderful to find somewhere that trusted children and allowed them to achieve without too many boundaries. It was not only a place where my child could climb, play, cook, build fires, learn about nature, make friends etc but it was a wonderful community. Someone would cook each week for everyone and everyone helped out. The children tried so many foods from all over the world. Parents also had a chance to discuss issues they had regarding parenting and education. But most of all Douglas’s incredible energy, passion and love for helping young children flourish is what knits this community together. My husband also attends the Saturday fathers group on occasions which is vitally important for the community. Although due to work commitments I can no longer attend my baby still goes with my nanny as I too want her to share in it’s warmth. I hope it continues to be able to bring it’s forward thinking ethos to the community as it is based on a deep understanding of children.

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