Why Natural?


  1. Because children benefit enormously both in terms of performance and wellbeing, from being given the space and freedom to develop and learn at their own pace and in their own way.
  2. Because children gain far more from being outdoors than in the classroom.
  3. Because children should be safeguarded from the effects of excessive exposure to technologically based play and learning resources.

We welcome families wanting to delay their child’s entry into formal schooling. Our vision of early years learning is more wellington boots and imaginary play than interactive white boards and phonics, not just because we want to preserve the carefree quality of childhood that the pressures of attainment targets, homework and assessments erode, buy also because a wealth of evidence and expert opinions indicate that far from “holding them back”, such an approach is in fact in our children’s best neurological and physiological interest for their long term development.

South London alternative to the pre-school and primary route for parents wishing to find a healthier choice to the prescribed early years educational goals and/or to have more involvement in their child’s social and educational environment, we focus on child-led play utilising the great outdoors as much as possible, from sand and water play to digging and gardening with some stories and music thrown in for good measure. A week expedition into the nearby woods offers more opportunities to run wild, get close to nature and to enjoy some forest crafts and picnic lunch.

This is a group established primarily for social purposes and is aimed at pre-school and early primary school aged children (siblings are also welcome). It meets regularly, so that the children can build relationships in a cooperative rather than competitive, non-coercive environment with parents on hand to gently and respectfully help them navigate the social minefields of sharing, negotiation, problem-solving and conflict resolution.

One thought on “Why Natural?

  1. A beautiful place to be within a safe natural environment in all levels. This community is a invaluable place for parents and children to be themselves, to naturally learn to take turns, integrate and explore the nature and what’s it’s gifts are by being close to it, there are many and I am exprencing this with my children I am so grateful for this community.

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